Thursday, October 9, 2014

Book Review: The Relationship Handbook by George S. Pransky


George S. Pransky’s The Relationship Handbook: A simple guide to satisfying relationships is a lesser-known, self-published book that contains a number of good insights into building a strong marriage. Although he splits his message into 15 chapters, his message can basically be distilled to a single idea: The cause of relationship distress is insecurity; thus, “the cure is understanding the psychological thoughts, feelings, and states of mind” in order to overcome that insecurity.

This thesis fits well with the Sigma Philosophy but as is the case with most counselors, Pransky never manages to identify the true source of a couple’s insecurities. Nevertheless, his book is an excellent companion to The Sigma Male, especially if you want to explore changing your state of mind.

By request, here are all 15 parts of my review. For your convenience, each post contains links to each post.

 1-A Fresh Start2-Compatibility3-Communication4-Moods5-Emotions6-Compassion7-Dissatisfaction8-Change9-Bringing out the Best10-Transcending Problems11-The Source of Conflict12-Levels of Relationship13-It’s Never Too Late14-Intimacy, 15-Commitment


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